Our 100% Natural, Air-Dried Dog Treats

For the last decade Melagris has been operating as a 100% natural dog treat manufacturer from our facilities near Poznan. All of our products are sourced from EU-based slaughter houses and farms. We manufacturer our dog treats from; beef, pork, poultry, deer and horse animal by-products. Our product range contains more than 35 different items and therefore suitable to dogs of all sizes and ages.

To produce our premium dried treats, our manufacturing process prepares and dries them in order to retain their natural flavour and quality. The “Melagris Crunchies” range includes the long lasting treats from animal bone, joints and cartilage. For items from; meat, muscle, skin and tendon animal by-products, we manufacturer these in our “Melagris Chewies” range. This also includes a selection of bite-sized items well suited for training treats.

Natural Dog Treat Manufacturer

“Melagris Crunchies” Range of Natural Dog Treats

Everybody knows that dogs like to chew on bones. However, it is important ensure that the natural bone is prepared and manufactured after strict production processes. Therefore choosing the correct manufacturer who produces under approved industry standards increases the quality of the natural dog treat. Whether from pork, beef or horse by-products the bone, joint or cartilage item must be dried in regulated temperatures and then cooled thoroughly. Along the process the product water activity must be monitored and documented to reduce the possibility of mould developing once it is packed.

The “Melagris Crunchies” range offers a variety of femur and marrow bones. These items are air-dried to reduce the possibility of splintering but still maintaining the smells and flavours to make it a special treat. As well as various bone treats, we manufacture; knuckles, knee caps, trotters, poultry feet, and deer leg for our “Melagris Crunchies” range.

“Melagris Chewies” Range of Natural Dog Treats

Air dried natural treats made from real meat and offal are beneficial to dogs because of many reasons. For dogs though, the main benefit will be the taste. Since dogs are naturally carnivores, they surely love the authentic flavours and textures of these types of treats. Our meat treats are produced without additives and preservatives from beef, pork, game, horse and poultry animal by-products. This retains the natural nutritional benefits from digesting meat products. Furthermore it reduces the risk of allergies and health problems that can be caused by unwanted additives.

The “Melagris Chewies” range offers a variety of meat and offal products. Produced from the meat, heart, kidney, gullet and other organs they provide valuable nutrition, protein, minerals and fat in a tasty treat.  This comes with the added benefit of snacks that are also relatively low in calories. Smaller sized treats are ideal rewards to be used for training.

Our Packaging and Labeling Services

In addition to manufacturing natural dog treats, we offer packaging and labeling services to wholesalers, distributors and retailers. Therefore customers can buy our products in bulk orders, or customised to a variety of retail packaging and labeling.

Dog Treat Packaging and Labeling Services

Bulk orders are normally delivered in standard 5kg or 10kg polypags, or packed loose in boxes or nets. For branded packaging we use either delivered pre-printed bags, or transparent re-sealable pouch bags with a customised label.

As part of our service, we are directly involved with the printing companies used by our customers. Firstly this ensures consistency in the quality and colours of the packaging. And secondly, we can inform when bags and labels need to be re-ordered.


Production Process for Natural Dog Treats

Melagris Limited is a manufacturer of natural dog treats for the pet food industry. All our products are sourced from EU-based slaughter houses or abattoirs, using animal by-products of bone, meat and meat offal. This range includes; pork, beef, poultry, game and horse produce which is manufactured to the highest standards. The entire production chain at Melagris operates under the accordance and guidance of GMP (Good Laboratory Practice) and GHP (Good Hygiene Practice). These practices were established under the coverage of the HACCP system.

To ensure premium standards in our natural dog treat, at Melagris we apply quality controls to different stages of production. The checks are in place to firstly monitor the freshness of the raw meat produce. In the drying process the industrial ovens are regulated by both heat and time, before all products are cooled in ambient temperatures. To reduce the risk of mould from excessive moisture, spot-checks are performed routinely to monitor water-activity. Only after passing all quality controls are the products packaged for customer orders.